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Mercedes-Benz G55 for GTA:SA

Mercedes-Benz G55 for GTA:SA
Mercedes-Benz G55 for GTA:SA
11.10.2012, 08:04

Mercedez-Benz G55 - For those who love chic and expensive cars, I would like to introduce gorgeous Mercedez-Benz G55. This car is just gorgeous in appearance she polnostyu meets its mark.

I think most of you will want to download this machine, as it is done just fine. Ideal complies with all the basic functions of the game engine of GTA 4, the machine of the correct size in accordance with the original lights, good tuning. Also, there is not seen bugs, so everything in the car breaks down, sweep, etc. Models makes this machine just ride it again and again, as all textures quality and look great. I would also like to note that in the archive have 4 versions of this car, so one of them is exactly what you like.

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