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FPSBooster for GTA 4

FPSBooster for GTA 4
FPSBooster for GTA 4
10.02.2013, 11:53

FPSBooster for GTA 4 - A small but very useful for the modification of the players of the game gta 4. FPS - number of frames per second, respectively, on weak computer fps is low, due to the small number of frames per second, we see logs (glitches). If you have a terrible lag or even present, I advise you to install this modification and play without lags. Your level of frames per second increase by about 50%, which is a pretty good indicator.

If you raised your fps by a maximum, you can already play with enb for gta 4, and enjoy all the graphics of the game. With this enb as if you immerse yourself in the real world of GTA.

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