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Ice roads for GTA 4

Ice roads for GTA 4
Ice roads for GTA 4
25.10.2012, 19:11

<p>Ice roads for GTA 4 - Probably all the users of our Web - remember a game like GTA 4. Today, we will focus on fashion which your game will be interesting. Black ice Mod you have to be always on the alert. On any machine, you will bring the motorcycle, sometimes even throwing in a ditch. At high speeds, your car can be spread apart. The mod will make your car unmanageable, it will wag and you will enter into a skid. installation mode is very simple. </p><p>You need to log into your game folder, then find a as a common folder, go to it and there should be a data folder. In this folder, locate a file called handling.dat. And this file should be replaced by one that is in the archive. But there is one thing. If you have a fashion murderer taxi and ice, the taxi killer will not operate. Rock fashion and enjoy the game.</p>

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