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More Reality for GTA 4

More Reality for GTA 4
More Reality for GTA 4
09.10.2012, 14:42

More Reality v1 - You have a few reasons to download this excellent mod.
1. If you get through the game and want to see what is real and interesting.

2. If you still go through the game and you want to fully enjoy it.
All right, enough perhaps to come up with reasons why it is time to explain that during the events, I suggest you download today.
This mod will add to our favorite city Libery City over pedestrians, cars, buildings and so on. d. Now our city is more like a real one, there is always movement and became much more interesting to watch it.
Personally, I would be a metamorphosis compared with New York, and you when you hear the loud name "New York", imagine it, and you know roughly how much this city Change events. It works only for GTA 4.

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