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New Dirt Texture for GTA 4

New Dirt Texture for GTA 4
New Dirt Texture for GTA 4
23.02.2013, 00:04

Dirt Texture New - Decorate your game with new textures, dirt, and now the mud is perfectly on every car that give the game realistic. Each mode has its own peculiarity, and this is no exception. Modmeykerov well worked texture after you wash your car dirt disappears, but soon you will have to wash the trucks again.

In the desert area your car will be covered in dirt and dust, and will have to pay good money to clean up the thick mud, well, jokes, jokes, and fashion is really cool, I suggest you look at this still and video art.

The mod works great with patch for gta 4, runs smoothly and everything is beautiful, thanks to the creators for a very interesting implementation of the idea!

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