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Realism Traffic for GTA 4

Realism Traffic for GTA 4
Realism Traffic for GTA 4
07.12.2012, 16:46

Traffic Realism for GTA 4Traffic Realism for GTA 4 - Beautiful mod adds realism to the game gta 4, and it is now the city traffic will be like in real life, for example in the morning and at night you almost will not find cars and pedestrians on the way, a large accumulation happens machines is noon, in the parking lot stand car early in the morning and at night. Modes Also affect the police officers a lot of them at noon, afternoon and evening, only few of them over the weekend. In popular areas continue to dwell state people even late at night. As you know the description of events in the embedded algorithm weekends and weekdays, which is very good and original idea thanks to the author for it, I think anybody events will not leave indifferent.

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