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Patch for GTA 4

Patch for GTA 4
Patch for GTA 4
13.02.2013, 18:50 patch for GTA 4  - It's time to update, a new patch for GTA 4 will help you in this. In the new version, some bugs have been fixed and has been improved shadow map for video type - ASI. Many had crash when entering the game, after downloading this patch this you will no longer be.

It was also introduced many new things for  multiplayer GTA 4. The boys soon update, the download is absolutely free. Slightly degraded performance of the game to support the game on older computers, I think many will be very useful.

Unfortunately, not all developers have fixed bugs here like a bug with propadeniem sound the same and stayed to avoid players advise to restart your computer and run the game you have knitted. Successful and fun game without crashes and bugs!

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