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ZModeler v.2.2.6

ZModeler v.2.2.6
ZModeler v.2.2.6
07.10.2012, 23:06

V. ZModeler 2.2.6 is a very interesting program, which is unique in its. It will allow you to fully edit the well-known of GTA 4.

Edit In what sense? You ask, I'll tell you, you can change a variety of buildings, roads, characters, what makes the city so you need to change some areas, etc. As this excellent program will allow you to not only edit and be creative so to speak, ie to create their characters, weapons, decorative elements, new cities and countryside. The program is quite simple, that is, I think that everyone can understand it, it's silly to say that creating quite easy, but I think that each of you will be able to express themselves. Also, it is convenient to use, so you should look to each of the fans of the series.

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