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Native Trainer for GTA 5 PC

Native Trainer for GTA 5 PC
Native Trainer for GTA 5 PC
30.06.2015, 16:41

We all remember the name of this trainer only for 4 of the game, but now we present you Native Trainer for GTA 5 on PC. The trainer adds a huge opportunity in this game and you can do almost anything that comes to mind.

And now I will tell you a little about the functions of this software. You can teleport to any place of the map (just set the marker on the map), a huge selection of skins (even the animals), the increase/decrease wanted level, fast running or swimming, infinite ammo, teleport any vehicle, all weapons, time setting, repainting the car in a random color, armor, explosive bullets, explosive shot, and more. Has all the features that are available in the list of codes for gta 5 for pc.

And now we come to install:
1) Move all the files from the folder "files to install" in the root game folder (the folder containing the file gta5.exe 2) Start the game and activate the trainer on the button "F4"

NUM2/8/4/6 navigating menus and lists
num5 button selection button NUM0/BACKSPACE/F4
ago NUM9/3
use the acceleration of the transport NUM+. Always yours eng.gta-gaming.ru.

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