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FPS Booster for GTA 5

FPS Booster for GTA 5
FPS Booster for GTA 5
13.08.2015, 15:04

FPS Booster is designed for very weak computers so that by setting priorities, processes and closing unnecessary programs to win 10-15 fps for you. I think it very much will help, but there is one drawback that software works only with the licensed version of the game on steam.

If your licensed version of the game, then let's get to the run. The software is very simple and it will be understood by even a child. The developer advises to start to close unwanted programs (utorrent, skype and so on) and to put in steam mode in not online, just go to game properties in steam and unchecking the "Enable Steam overlay in the game", it will also help to win to you a few fps. Next, run the file "START_GTA5.BAT" and just wait 1-2 minutes and the game starts.

If you have any problems or questions, please write them in comments and it is desirable to provide a screenshot and then I will help you personally, always yours - ENG.GTA-GAMING.RU.

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