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Save 100% for GTA 5

Save 100% for GTA 5
Save 100% for GTA 5
11.03.2014, 19:32

For the preservation GTA 5 100% — now you can go through the whole game of GTA 5 and get 1 billion $, simply by installing this save on my PS 3 console. This save works perfectly on all consoles American and European region. The game was held completely without using cheats, say thanks to the guys from StreamerHouse.

How to install save in GTA 5 on the PS3?

1) Copied the save onto a flash drive and connect to your device

2) Go to the Game menu, then select saved data utility and go into it

3) Then just select the USB device.

4) Choose save, press triangle and just copied it to the console.

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