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Cheat for MTA 1.3.1

Cheat for MTA 1.3.1
Cheat for MTA 1.3.1
10.02.2013, 12:39

Cheat for the MTA 1.3.1  - Cheats for  MTA 1.3.1  there are very few, I decided to share one of them with you. The name of this cheat sobeit think everyone knows this wonderful and devastating cheat. This cheat software works correctly on all servers in the AIT and in a single game gta san andreas. Money, immortality, all weapons, infinite ammo - all this and much more await you in this Chita. The program was tested on three servers and we have never received a ban. Important Do not use teleport or airbrk for it, you can easily get banned forever from the administration server. Use this software with intelligence and you will succeed, successful games and a lot of frags!

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