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Cheat for MTA 1.3.2

Cheat for MTA 1.3.2
Cheat for MTA 1.3.2
10.05.2013, 10:59

Chit 1.3.2 for MTA - the latest development of a multiplayer cheat sobeyt mta 1.3.2. With cheat sobeit I'm familiar almost every player in the sump. This cheat is the most powerful and best of its kind, so as very user friendly interface that can be controlled from the comfort of games and a variety of functions, disaggregated for the value that very convenient.

With this cheat I played the three new servers MTA, and I never blocked and you can also important to use this cheat sensibly and not to include the "incriminating" function, as do most newcomers, and then say cheat are not allowed on the server . Do not use functions such as teleport and fly, for it can easily be blocked, the administration server.

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