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GTA San Andreas Trainer

GTA San Andreas Trainer
GTA San Andreas Trainer
20.08.2012, 21:19

GTA San Trainer - Old but still relevant I think the trainer for single player GTA San Andreas. I think you don't know all the cheat codes, but some I am sure you know. When you enter a cheat code in a game you spend your precious time and with you can happen that any trouble you can kill, you can forget the code, and so on. So here's this mighty trainer will save you from this headache you don't will have to enter codes into the game, the program will do everything for you you just press a single key. For example I set JetPack to get on the "C" and I just press "C" in the game and I get JetPack.

But if you play multiplayer, samp and you need cheat. Advise MOD SOBEIT V4.3.1.3 FOR SAMP 0.3 E this cheat verified the ages and all gamers around the world. He is considered the best for this game.

Another trainer called advise you Rivinity 1.1. He is also considered one of the most popular. Personally I play with him on samp rp server. I was banned so I only use the infinite ammo feature.

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