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Rivinity for SA-MP

Rivinity for SA-MP
Rivinity for SA-MP
06.02.2013, 15:45

Rivinity for sa-mp - Here have version 1.2 of the trainer famous for the sump. In it, players will find a variety of functions for example infinite ammo, a lot of money for all nitro cars and other regime godmode. All modes work fine in the sump 0.3.7 and other versions of the game. As we are told in the trainers version unlike v rivinity.1.1 new features and increased cheat hiding from the administration server.

Many players Sampo used on servers only mode infinite ammo so he most imperceptible, yet the time will come and you can get ban on a server, so please be careful with the trainer and Be able to select the desired function. Thank you for your attention, successful and enjoyable game servers sump!

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