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Sobeit для SA-MP 0.3x

Sobeit для SA-MP 0.3x
Sobeit для SA-MP 0.3x
02.02.2013, 21:21

With the release of the new client samp 0.3 x went out and cheat - sobeit samp 0.3 x with whom we have long been familiar. The new version changed the interface - you can see it in our screenshot. Sobeyt significantly added new features. Cheat works correctly with the new version of the platform - samp. Fluder appeared in the new version, as well as a system that collects all the machines at one point, and the sea cool features waiting for cheaters. The new version has invented a sobeyta - Yaroslav, together tell him thank you.

Also, owners of expensive servers, it is time to move their servers to a new version of the platform, it can make you very easy with a few clicks downloading ready server samp 0.3 x from our portal.

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