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Sobeit for SAMP 0.3x

Sobeit for SAMP 0.3x
Sobeit for SAMP 0.3x
02.07.2013, 19:15

Sobeit for-MP SA - for the second time already share with you the data supplement to this time already in Russian, many users asked me about it, and eat here.

Sobeyt for sump - actually he cheat familiar to almost everyone, under it developed numerous anti-cheating, yet new versions continue to work fine on different servers, but I can not promise you the performance of all functions of the software, for example - cheat for money to work in samp will not.

For those who do not know a little talk about this software. Chit plugs directly into the game on the button - F11, and at the bottom there is the menu sections as a cheat in Russian, find a feature you will not be difficult.

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