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AntiCrasher for SA:MP 0.3z

AntiCrasher for SA:MP 0.3z
AntiCrasher for SA:MP 0.3z
01.06.2014, 23:43

AntiCrasher for SA:MP 0.3 z — patch to fix bugs in the game that occur reaches a certain limit. I think every player is seen in chat a lot of unknown message type (Warning(s007) ..... .. .). It bugs that may cause game crash, so I recommend to install this script.

He turns on the command in chat "/patchcrash". To automatically start the script, you need to file anticracher.ini to set the value to 1 for Enabled. You can also disable the value 0.

To work you must have cleo 4.2 a library. More specifically, just AsiLoader.

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