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BMX Mod Trick's cleo

BMX Mod Trick's cleo
BMX Mod Trick's cleo
16.08.2012, 16:11

Mod Trick s BMX - Now everyone can perform awesome stunts on a BMX bicycle. I think when all dreamed of doing it, and that swing. With this script, you can perform three different trick (Gambar pertama = T, gambar kedua = R, gambar ketiga = NumPad6). As a bonus there is a black bmx modelka as you can see in the screenshot. Perform tricks in the GTA sa it's so cool swing, place, and show let friends envy. Himself samp tricks not tested, but seems to be working, and everyone should see them. If you happen to accomplish your goal please comment.


To install you will need to Cleo 4 Library and any for instance IMG editor GTA-SA CRAZY IMG EDITOR. After you install these programs, you can install this script.
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