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Car camera

Car camera
Car camera
07.10.2011, 12:52

For fans of extreme driving, high-flying or any other mode of locomotion, a new mode of transportation behind the camera. Include a combination of keys C + N, turned off by it. For each model, the displacement of the camera is calculated by its size. Calibration of height and distance on Num +, -, 9 and 3, Num 5 - return to the default settings (recalculated). G or hold LMB mouse to look (at the time of the camera returns to normal mode), you can safely make Drive-By (which is to "look left / right", that is, the default), quietly looking back. When leaving the car and entering the other (as well as when activating and deactivating the camera) offset from the machine is recalculated if the model is different, otherwise - no.

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