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GTA 5 map for GTA: SA

GTA 5 map for GTA: SA
GTA 5 map for GTA: SA
03.06.2014, 14:42

GTA 5 radar for GTA: SA — the beautiful and multi-functional radar is written in the CLEO pulled from the game GTA 5. This modification will replace the old round the new rectangular radar, which I am sure You will like it.

All our favorite game called GTA:SA, has long you play it, I think everyone is already tired of the old stroke of the radar, I want something new. As I said above, this radar is the versatility, as otherwise he would not have been written in cleo. Hood remains completely unchanged, and if Your character wanted, the radar will start to flicker different colors as in the screenshot above.

Recommend this radar to your friends and acquaintances, and while I talk about installation.

1) install latest version of cleo library.

2) a file with the extension .to put cs in the CLEO folder

3) File with the extension .put asi in the root folder of the game

4) copy the models Folder into the same folder in the root folder of the game.

5) I Hope all clearly explained, download the mod and leave comments. ENG.GTA-GAMING.RU — your companion in the world of GTA.

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