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Zonetexts.cs gta:sa cleo

Zonetexts.cs gta:sa cleo
Zonetexts.cs gta:sa cleo
09.09.2012, 11:00

Zonetexts.cs - cleo script creates Interesting say more for beginners, some of its beauty in general put you choose. With this script at the bottom of the screen will be written is the place where you are, as shown in skinshote. For example, Las Venturas (the city), Hunter Quarry (name of the place). This script can be used in both single and multiplayer samp. Just do not advise to call, so the street when you're playing with friends, because the names of the streets is the creator of the game, and the people they are called girlfriends very, well, some of the script used. Generally put the script significantly beautify your game.

If you want this script to work properly, make sure you download the cleo library 4. It is useful to you now and in the future if you install a cleo script. Without it, you will not run more than one script.

Also, if you are new to this business, and just downloaded cleo library and do not understand what to do next? Read our new article How to install a cleo script san andreas in gta?.

This article has all the answers to the questions of a novice.

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