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Blue interface for SA-MP

Blue interface for SA-MP
Blue interface for SA-MP
15.09.2012, 16:10

Blue interface for samp - a New addition to the interfaces section for samp. This is a beautiful new blue interface works on any version of the multiplayer samp. Imagine the same set, old and tired already. So, here's this interface replaces: sampgui - list of players(can be seen by pressing Tab), chat colors, and mouse - cursor in the game to become too blue. Installation is very simple I will describe her later. In General advises all fans to improve your game.

Did not like the interface? Visit the section on our portal Interfaces for samp, there are many other interface with other colors.

Personally, I want you to recommend your favorite interface, it is called the Green interface for samp, I love it!


Replace the files sampgui and mouse in the game folder GTA San Andreas for those that are on file.
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