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ENBSeries V3.0 for GTA: SA

ENBSeries V3.0 for GTA: SA
ENBSeries V3.0 for GTA: SA
18.09.2012, 16:54

ENBSeries V3.0 - New very colorful EnbSeries, he created for average computers, but I think 1 Gb of RAM and video card everything should work like clockwork. But, let's get you to the Enb, so that's my personal opinion that the author is too overdone with the colors and how everything turned out in the movie, but it is not worth to say that enb is very bad - it is not. Maybe someone will like this color scheme, but generally everyone has their own taste and everyone has their own opinion.

And I also wanted to recommend enbseries with people who have a weak computer, but they also want to play a quality game, download on our website Super enb for weak computers. Download and play on health.

But there are also the owners of powerful computers and they don't like these weak enbseries, we even have this enb. It is called GTA SAN ANDREAS MARTY MCFLY ENB 2.0 "CALIFORNIAN SUN. Download it and enjoy the graphics.

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