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Zombie mod for GTA: San Andreas

Zombie mod for GTA: San Andreas
Zombie mod for GTA: San Andreas
06.02.2015, 23:02

After you install this modification in the state normal person will only you. All normal people have turned into zombies and become very aggressive. First of course they want to kill you, so be extremely careful.

Modification made based on the popular American TV series "the Walking dead". Original the name GTA: San Andreas: The Walking Dead. Maybe you watched this episode and mod on zombie would only reminds you of the wonderful series.


What's new add to the game this mod?

Так как этот мод глобальный, то он заменяет почти все текстуры в игре на более реалистичные и детализированные, убедитесь сами по скриншотам в данном описание.

Я уже упомянул выше, что выжившим остался только Карл, а у всех остальных жителей штата изменились скины на зомби.

Автомобили, мотоциклы, велосипеды и другие средства передвижения были замены красивыми моделями с качественной детализацией.

После выстрела из любого оружия на землю будут падать гильзы и после выстрела из оружия пойдет дым, что сделает игру реалистичнее.

Developers modifying good job on the sounds and made the game very atmospheric. The sound of a car engine, the sounds of nature, sounds of shots from different weapons, and most importantly the radio.

Interface or HUD — was changed health bar of the character and appearance of the radar.

The modification will give the old game a new life, will have the interest to continue playing it. Probably you have already completed all the missions of the game GTA: San Andres and just becomes boring, and in this case I recommend to install the various global fashion.

How to install the mod?

After downloading a rather large file (about 4 GB) - unzip it. Install the mod in the game folder. If you have a weak PC, open the file "enb_selector.exe" and put it in the graphics settings, in order to avoid sagging fps.

How to use the codes after installing the mod? All codes for GTA: San Andreas will work even after you install this add-on.

Additional features and their activation button
"L" — on/off headlights
"G" — to hire a Stalker, which will help in the extermination of zombies
"." — start/shut car
"O" — close the door (only in the car)
"Ctrl+4" — menu with a choice of subjects and different types of weapons (to select press the button corresponding to the desired object).
Thank you if you read to the end.

Always with you your ENG.GTA-GAMING.RU.
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