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Server SA-MP RPG

Server SA-MP RPG
Server SA-MP RPG
09.02.2013, 17:53

RPG samp server -  replaced roleplay servers come RPG, this is also the server with the mod real life, but there is no need to win back the RP. The meaning is almost the same, work, shooting, buying a house. Popular projects such as - Galaxy used his name. Also in the fashion shows the level and exp - the time spent in the game. To get the first level you have to spend in the game four hours for the second eight, so you'll continue to pump level, receive a license to pump improvement (upgrade).

A license to carry weapons players can only reach the fifth level, but for a license for the flights have to take yourself instead of buying. If you are a member of a gang leader every week you pay salaries, you capture and kryshuete territory.

rp server samp, is also a good choice to build a server, but the problem is that you are not alone keep rp server, such people very much and it turns out the competition.

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