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SA-MP RP server

SA-MP RP server
SA-MP RP server
09.02.2013, 17:09

Ready samp RP server  - Each player  samp, I think known fashion RolePlay.  I'll tell you for those who are unfamiliar with this modification - in this mode, most server operating sump. Role Play - translated as role-playing game, real life. Each player after the creation of the character appears on the skin package to spawn person of no fixed abode, time passes you earn a lot of money and buy a house, a car, nice clothes, you can also find yourself a nice girl and continue to live.

Skirmishes with the bandits, care of the cops, the sale of drugs, this is real life bandit - each player can join any gang and continue to develop it. High-quality fashion and good and competent administration of the server that's the success of any project in the samp.

If you do not want to use someone else's work, you can create your own unique events for the server. To start, you need a clean server - Server 0.3.7 samp. Next to it, you will already be able to install various modifications and make your server unique and colorful. Successful promotion of the server!

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