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Nrg 900 RR

Nrg 900 RR
Nrg 900 RR
10.06.2012, 14:24

Nrg 900 - Today I am pleased to present to you an excellent modelku for GTA: San Andreas, this model will replace your old nrg 500 nrg 900. This new model has some indisputable advantages. First - it's a great drawing of the model, you'll notice how it has become more luxurious compared to nrg 500. Secondly - it is a perfect match with all engines games GTA: San Andreas, you will not notice that this is a separate model that you set, so she looks gorgeous and rides in the game, no bugs not noticed. I'm sure you just have to taste the motorcycle, as it does not have the disadvantages of the advantages it has: Elegant drawing, high speed, functions correspond to the engine, etc.

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