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14.10.2012, 17:12

G-IMG Better img archive editor for GTA sa I honestly have not met. With this editor you can edit textures from txd and img files, great isn't it? I have long wanted this program, not to use two and this program would be combined and this makes me very happy. It will Also have the view of the textures at the time you download this file it's the best img editor and txd archives. With this software in few clicks you will be able to replace any file, be it a car or a character, everything is done instantly quickly. I would like to mention that the program has excellent search with great potential to open it press (ctrl+f) in the program and you will see a nice looking window to find the desired texture.

We only add the most new, popular, relevant and desired programs for gta san andreas, because we love you and do everything for you.

One of the components of the programs is GTA-SA Crazy IMG Editoris the standard editor only img archive, and a txd unfortunately he will not pull.

At the time of adding this file, the newest is txd editor TXD Workshop 5.0, with it, you will only be able to edit txd files.

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