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Library CLEO 4 (v4.2а)

Library CLEO 4 (v4.2а)
Library CLEO 4 (v4.2а)
05.12.2012, 20:05

The CLEO 4 library (v4.2A) - I congratulate all lovers of scripting or script a users with the release of the new Cleo libraries. The program has undergone quite a few changes the first thing I want to note now the program is open source code. At the moment it is the newest version of it was released in 2011, but was not seen on the network I saw this version only on the official site. With the release of a new version started to work for many scripts and mods which didn't work correctly on older versions of this software. Also just To use, installation is also not changed. To have all your scripts for the .cs started to work you need to install the program in the root of your game and throw the script in the cleo folder, nothing complicated.

If you have already downloaded the library you probably are looking for cleo scripts for its new software, I suggest you to start their search in our website has a huge selection of the best scripts show a successful.

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