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13.10.2012, 17:54

Pawno - This program is very popular among gamers and modifiers in samp, perhaps you too have heard more than once about it. Pawno - this is a huge step for samp, and use this wonderful program, absolutely all those who have a samp server in multiplayer. With it you are able to write scripts, create fashion for the server, and more. In our time, this program is an indispensable tool for each server owner. The interface is very simple and pleasing to the human eye. Through this program will be able to write your first script, even a beginner.

You've come up with some scripts to create? Or do you have them do? But you do not have your own server? Unit ready for server samp, waiting for you and your scripts.

You must try their creations in the new multiplayer samp, which you can download directly from our site, as well as free of charge.

Here are Sanny Builder 3.04, is also one of the most popular network programs for gta san andreas, with its help you will be able to be the creator of the mission, a little bit of work and your mission ready.

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