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13.10.2012, 18:57

PedEditor 1.0 eng - Recently, a popular and useful program was translated into the Russian language and I uploaded it especially for you my dear. With its help, you will have the unique opportunity to use the fine tuning peds i.e. files with the extension .ped. Ped is a bot which you see every day in the game for example it may be a passer-by. Very interesting possibilities provides us with the author I'm still in this and not a met. You will be available: to change the animation of the character, his behavior, his transport, etc. the Settings are very cool and interesting if you correctly configure everything, you can significantly embellish your old and dull world in which the game probably already had enough.

All the most relevant and interesting in the world of software for gta san andreas, appears each day on our web site are waiting for you as often as possible.

A similar program existed previously on the site Pedstats Viewer, but it's a bit different from this it has totally different settings and functions.

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