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Sandboxie for SA-MP

Sandboxie for SA-MP
Sandboxie for SA-MP
01.10.2012, 23:57

Sandbox (Sandboxie) for samp - For each of us at one time, wanted to play simultaneously from two samp akkauntnov, but to open a second window, we did not allow the sump. Now there is a solution to this problem. With this great program you will be able to play safely in the sump with two windows. It is very convenient on rpg servers can immediately download 2 account at the same time. 

After the installation, right-click on the icon (samp.exe), then select the sandbox and run through a miracle, you will have the second window in the sump. On some servers, it is anti-sandbox, but very few of them, by the way, use the program very carefully on some servers for this banyat.


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If you're still sitting on the old version of the sump, a new swing samoyu currently download Client 0.3e SAMP, the new version fixes many small bugs, improved chat, and more.

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