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Savegame Editor v3.1.2

Savegame Editor v3.1.2
Savegame Editor v3.1.2
30.05.2012, 12:38
In the new version you can now: 
• Change the territory of the triad, the Italian Mafia, Da Nang Boys, Aztec, gruvovtsev, Ballas and vagosov. 
• Choose what clothes the player will be at the start. 
• Change the number of arrests, death and entered the cheats for the game . 
• Do def. the number of drug traffickers and pedestrians in the area. 
• To establish respect for the player other pedami (eg can be done so that the sidzheev respected Aztecs or all aunts State) 
• Set the count of money at the start. 
• Set the house, which appears SG . 
• Select with what weapons will go to different groups or mafia. 
• Establish how much interest you have gone through all schools and tricks that were there. 
• Put / remove censorship (Hot Coffee and something associated with headshots). 
• Put all taxi nitro . 
• Make it so that the prostitutes pay you. 
• And a lot more functions with the last version!

Warning! 1. For the program must be installed on your computer java and jarfix (jarfix is ​​in the archive) .2. First you have to launch jarfix.exe, then click on OK, and then run editor.java!

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