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MTA 1.4.1

MTA 1.4.1
MTA 1.4.1
01.02.2015, 11:21

MTA 1.4.1 — last day leaving in January 2015 are updated a great multiplayer for GTA: San Andreas. You can upload a new version to all players as soon the server will switch to version 1.4.1 log on to the server You can not.

In the new version of Multi Theft Auto has added Japanese language support and fixed many bugs and errors that players will probably not even notice. Nice to know that the world is not standing still and even your favorite multiplayer updated and there are new and interesting things.

Perhaps many do not know, but this Supplement has been under development for 12 year since 2003 and up to now year 2015. For such a huge period of time the team has clearly accumulated a vast experience and bumped their heads in this field. ITA I think a great choice of online mode for gta: sa.

Most players love Russian machines or as they are called "cans". Specially for such people created a lot of servers called "BPAN". The IP addresses of these servers can be found on the Internet in the monitoring or even the comments under this material.

People who have really high-quality servers can comment with the address and tell you a little about him (clearly without smileys and links). Bad comments will be deleted. Thank you for your attention, good luck with your game in MTA!

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