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SA-MP 0.3z

SA-MP 0.3z
SA-MP 0.3z
09.03.2014, 14:40

A new update of our beloved miltiplier occurred on 13 February 2014, the new version is called SAMP 0.3 z. The new version includes bug fixes that have been observed in past versions of multiplayer, and the main update is based on security. In SAMP 0.3 z has nearly run out of ways to use various vulnerabilities of the game.

I advise everyone to move to a new version of the client, as soon all servers will be on this version. And if you are the owner of the server, download server samp 0.3 z from our GTA portal.

I want to briefly tell you about this modification and its features. There is nobody not a secret that with the help of this addon you can play the game over the network on different servers with friends or alone. On March 2015 this version is considered the most relevant and almost all servers are running solely on her.

SAMP is the most popular multiplayer of all presented for the game gta:sa. The maximum number of players on the servers can reach up to 1000 simultaneously. Servers now there are so many. You can find both in the multiplayer and on the Internet on various sites.

A few words about the installation. First we need to have a clean version of GTA: SA. After installed samp and specify the path to the root game folder, then run the shortcut and enter your nickname in English in a special window. Looking for a server on the Internet or directly in the client and connect to it. Please note that on RolePlay servers need to have the appropriate nickname, for example: Carl_Smith, Nick_Obama and so on.

Here is the multiplayer after installation.



Thank you for your attention, if have any questions write to them at the bottom in comments and our editors will try to answer them.

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