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SA-MP 0.3.7

SA-MP 0.3.7
SA-MP 0.3.7
30.05.2015, 12:38

The latest version of the most popular multiplayer for GTA: San Andreas was released in 2015 on may 1. Called this version of SAMP 0.3.7 download it already on our portal without speed limits and other nasty actions.

Let's talk about new things in the game. Added as many as 500 new objects in the game, changed the font sizes of the interface, added new variations of skins on the servers, the option to add sirens on police cars and the rest one little thing. If there is a desire can read the full list of updates on the official website of this Addendum.

The game adds different variations of skins police, I think the people comprising the organization for the various RP servers have to taste it.

The interesting fact is that the SA-MP team consists of only 2 programmers - spookie and Kye. You probably don't even know their nicknames, but the guys really did a great job and at least the players should know developers.

Our old and beloved SAMP remained almost the same and has not suffered any global changes. Simply update your old client on this and when installing select the folder with the game and it is already possible to play again.

Undoubtedly this multiplayer has its bugs and many after you install samp just a great game, but if you encounter such a problem, then write about it in comments to this material and I will definitely help you. But before you write that we have provided you with a non-working client, we recommend you to install anticrasher, and after installing it I'm sure that will be no problem.

If you are the owner of the server, stay tuned on our website very soon, we will add a completely clean server samp 0.3.7 and it is already possible to set.

We never touched the system requirements of the multiplayer, as now, almost every computer is ready to give a beautiful picture. But if there is sagging frames per second, you can always lower graphics or install the script for lifting.

For running suitable computer having 512 MB of RAM and 128 MB graphics card. About four gigabytes will have to release under multiplayer, but it is in our time is not a problem and each freely at least about 100 on the hard disk.

Another often asked question, and run it on Windows 8 this samp? Yes, it will start and run even on the oldest versions of the OS, such as Win 98.

Thank you for your attention, your always ENG.GTA-GAMING.RU. Ask Your questions in the comments below, and we will try to understand your problem and to give a clear answer.

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