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Server SA-MP 0.3e Windows

Server SA-MP 0.3e Windows
Server SA-MP 0.3e Windows
12.05.2012, 17:45

Server SA-MP 0.3e the Windows - New multifunction assembly for znaminitogo game server samp 0.3e. This version is developed by a team under the operational system samp windows. In this assembly there are many interesting and fun mods, so that you and your friends will not be bored. If you want to build a server from scratch, I suggest you the server to look for an empty long events. Already there are a number of commands, as well as well-configured plug-ins. If I am not mistaken there is present about five versions to choose what it is up to you and your friends. I want to mention all the bugs have been completely corrected by official developers samp. The new version of the server was corrected minor bugs and added a powerful anti-cheat. In general the server is ideally set you need only turn it on, and you can safely call it my friends.

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