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Save GTA: SA - 100 % completed

Save GTA: SA - 100 % completed
Save GTA: SA - 100 % completed
10.09.2011, 14:33

Well, I decided to share your saves with other people. 
Your attention is 4 saves, the first 2 of which are basic, but the last 2 replacement (in case the first that ever happens). 
About saves: 
1 and the last save game: The game passed 100% (that's it), a great arsenal of weapons for the present GTAashnika, plenty of money so that live, and nothing does not deny the relationship with all the girls 100%, all of the schools passed on the gold medal. With the passage of this game was zadeystvenno many cheats. So if you're an avid cheater this save game for you! 
2 and the penultimate save game: Similarly, the game passed by 100% with the difference that: driving school passed than all the gold medals, the relationship with the girls is not 100%, and there was no zadeystvanno single read, so if you like to play fair and without codes, this save game for you! 
All together, I took 1 year. 
Most importantly do not forget to leave comments! 
Enjoy any two saves and good luck in the pursuit of the cops, or even in What else :-)

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