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Mem Speedometer cleo gta:sa

Mem Speedometer cleo gta:sa
Mem Speedometer cleo gta:sa
18.08.2012, 09:31
Momspider v 2.0 - Memes are very popular today, and was even made speedometer for GTA SA. And this is the second version of momspider. It is very beautiful, and most importantly, each picture comes to your speed. See for yourself in the screenshot. The speedometer shows your speed up to 160 km/h Speedometer based on CLEO. Many thanks to the author for the idea. This speedometer is different from the first version because it has speed dial, and also has increased the capacity.
Download the CLEO 4 library. File Copy speed.cs in the cleo folder. And file speed.txd in gta3.using img GTA-SA CRAZY IMG EDITOR.
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