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Speedometer with fuel indicator

Speedometer with fuel indicator
Speedometer with fuel indicator
09.10.2012, 01:41

Speedometer with fuel indicator - Speedometer Lovely, maybe he's not as nice as some, but do not hurry to get upset, because this speedometer is very useful. This just adds to your vehicle speedometer (does not work on the fly, swim and bike transport) light gasoline.
This is a new version of the speedometer, so I think we should thank the author, he has corrected all deficiencies, and in general it worked out well. When gasoline is over, of course it will be possible to fill the tank, even if your a small amount of money, you can fill half the tank for example.
I would also like to note that if you're in the passenger seat, the script is not working. Also, it does not work in some missions. Therefore, all quite believable and interesting.

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